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Dork Souls by SynDuo
Dork Souls

"Ooh, a Monster <3" *Air Guitar Riff*

Tumblr Post (Animation There Too) 

Lately I've been playing through Dark Souls (1) for the millionth time, fun game and it makes me relax, This is the character I'm playing as in my current play through inspired by EpicNameBro's Zwei and Chat LP. So I'm running around with a Chaos Enchanted Zweihander.

Dark Souls is one of those games that my good friend Remi introduced me to way back when Demon Souls was new, It's since been one of my favorite games to play when I want to relax.

Anyway This character in my mind is a total dork, slaying monsters while making horrible puns, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have you ever played Dark Souls, its really fun, but I wonder how many folks watching me also play this series?

Filthy Troll by SynDuo
Filthy Troll

Filthy Filthy TUH-ROLL

-Tumblr Post- 

Hi everyone, just a little doodle here to relieve me of some stress, Here is a little troll/Impy is up late doing the night watch, but is scared due listening to others tell spooky stories about humans.

I'm sure we are all scared of the unknown :) ?



John A. Galvan
Artist | Varied

★I'm just passing through the Cosmos★

Born: January 1st


Oh wow, a Daily Dev, that's a nice surprise to wake up too. 

Wander VS Fuzz: Dueling Banjos by SynDuo
Thanks to :iconrtnightmare: for suggesting this.

That's funny to me I got it on that particular piece though, since I hardly draw any fan art these days, been busy doing my own thing. I'm grateful, just a bit puzzled, but I'm really happy seeing this get featured. 

It does make me wonder though, I've been here on dA for about 10 years, and to this day I'm still known by some acquaintances as "That Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" guy, it's amusing though,

I thank you all for the support you've all given me. It helps me work even harder on my own stories...

(Thinking about opening a new tier of commissions for stuff like this, anyone interested? ) She has no empathy for smaller beings.-Flash version- She&#8217;s a total jerk, I wouldn&#8217;t trust her, would you?

The future has lots of Gum :D


by Axl-fox

In short I really admire this piece as it encompasses many elements masterfully with the right amount of contrast of the characters. Th...

Ms. Scratches Portrait by brilliantflare

Don't take this crit too hard, take it as a grain. I want to congratulate you on finishing a piece this year :) Joking aside. There is ...

Happy Early Birthday You by Edorisuke

Great work Aura, overall I'd like to say you've done a great job and have taken the first step to step out of the norm. which is a very...

Goli the Tiger by Zakeno
by Zakeno

In short this is a very adorable character. What i really enjoy here is how you managed to successfully use little details to enhance t...

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